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Working With the Best Clients and Partners . . .

Alex H - Squash

"This program has had a huge impact on my motivation levels and inner self-belief of my end goals.

I now approach competitions and trainings with an embracing attitude. I now try to focus on embracing the conditions, struggle and pressure of training or competition to get the most out of"

Testimonials . . .

Duncan & Sue 

"Huge thank you for your care, support, encouragement & belief in our son.
You have really helped him through the process and we are very grateful."

Meg L - Para Cycling

I used to always feel that my performances at nationals and international events were inferior and I had failed or disappointed others if I didn’t win or medal. But NLE helped to believe in myself and learn from my experiences realising my potential as an athlete and also person in what I can offer to those around me on and off the bike.’

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