Your Next Level Online Program

Your Next Level is an online mentoring program designed to help take you from overwhelm, self doubt and pressure to self belief, confidence and start thinking positively. It has a sporting flavour but is designed not just for athletes but anyone searching for direction across the areas of Motivation & Goal Setting, Confidence, Managing Overthinking & Preparing for Competition/ Performing.

16 weeks      4 topics     Take it at your own pace      Payment plans available! 

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Stuart O’Grady OLY OAM - Olympic Gold Medalist      

Lisa McAskill - 30 + years Media experience

Jess Stenson OLY - Current Olympic Marathon runner & Mum

Katrina Webb PLY OAM - Paralympic Gold Medalist & Wellbeing expert

Darren Hicks PLY OAM - Paralympic Gold Medalist

Stewart McCully - Next Level Elite founder & facilitator

Paul Price - Inspired Peak Performance