What is the most frequent topic you help with?

A. Managing Overthinking

Is Psychology a large part of what you discuss?

A. In short , yes. Understanding what the individuals' needs are & supporting them to implement change


Do you only mentor elite athletes?

A. No, we are available to anyone looking for guidance


Is there an age requirement?

A. 12 yo +


If I live interstate or overseas, how can I take part?

A. We use Zoom or similar meeting platforms


Where do you conduct the sessions?

A. Usually at home for teenagers( with their parents ), local cafes or via Zoom


How often do you meet with the 1:1’s?

A. Generally weekly or fortnighly to start with & then no more than one month between sessions


My teenager doesn’t listen to me, how can you help get the right message across?

A. We gather relevant information from parents & repackage the message in a way that is interesting to the individual 


I need some support with staff members, can you help with that?

A. 100%. We deal with different people on a daily basis.