NLE 10 Week Athlete program

Next Level Elite is an athlete focussed program which provides a mix of group facilitated

learning and 1:1 mentoring sessions guided by experts in their field.

This is designed for any sports and we encourage athletes across all cohorts.

Over the journey we’ve worked with athletes at all levels; from teens with targeted senior sport aims to Olympians and Paralympians. One theme has been constant – introduce them to a community of people striving for the same and the results speak for themselves.

  • Weekly group sessions with expert presenters

  • Fortnightly 1:1 mentoring

Program subjects include . . .

Lisa_McAskill_Portrait by Allison Marie Croft-1.jpg

Presenter Lisa McAskill


Goal setting is inherently linked to task performance: the more specific and challenging (yet realistic) your goals, the better your task performance. Athletes can sometimes get tied up thinking that they need to be better than their opponents, but ultimately being successful at sport requires more than simply being faster or stronger. You will be supported in this session to identify goals and how you can achieve them.

Presenter- Jess Stenson OLY


 Lisa McAskill, an experienced presenter with more than 30 years experience in the television, modelling, film and training industries, will focus on building your confidence with public speaking. You will learn practical skills to deliver great presentations and interviews. A key part of that will be understanding your key messages, what you want your public profile/brand to “look like” to ensure you are always “on song.”


Learning how to perform optimally for competition can be challenging. There are often numerous distractions and unique circumstances that can be daunting and unexpected. In this session, you will learn how to mentally prepare for competitions. You will be taught how to focus on the controllable aspects and formulate positive routines and strategies to maximise success. 

Presenter - Stuart O’Grady OLY


During this session, you’ll learn about how to navigate the topic of worrying about the “what if’s,” managing your self talk, reducing self doubt and then develop your personal plan to put into practice.

Our goal is to increase your confidence levels across all areas of your busy life.

Presenter - Stewart McCully


You are the most important part of the process.

We will explore some physical & mental techniques, strategies and habits that leaders in their fields are implementing into daily life.

Topics will include; Slowing down & being present, Mindfulness, character strengths and Having the courage to open up & be you.

Presenter- Katrina Webb PLY


Learn to think about yourself as a “brand” – the bigger the brand the more you can ask for it through sponsorship, negotiating with agents and so on. We will give you tips and tricks about how to start building your brand through key promotional activities.

Presenter - Stewart McCully


How hard are you actually working?

Learn from Paralympic Cycling Gold medalist Darren Hicks on focussing, pushing the limits and doing the extras.

An interactive session to explore what areas you could improve on and set yourself up with clear set goals for future training and competition.


Complacency can lead to mediocrity, which is why great athletes must constantly push themselves outside their comfort zones. This session will see participants pushing their limits at Adelaide Oval Roof Climb